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Welcome to Healing Ways Wellness Spa

The serenity of this quiet place so close to nature creates an ideal setting to renew our energy and recharge your spirit. This specialty Spa for men and women will be enhancing the health and beauty of Clients with a unique and effective combination of services.

Through Detoxification we emerge. We are renewed. We are released from the mundane. We are free. At Healing Ways, that is our goal for you. Freedom, Vitality and to experience this life through a pure, balanced & energized body! We accomplish this with our Healing Ways Detox, which is a proprietary 3 step Process that includes Bio-energetic Lymphatic therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy and a Lymphatic Detox foot bath. The synergy of this combination greatly enhances the effectiveness of your Detoxification process. Unique to our Spa, we combine these services into three luxurious hours to usher you to a level of relaxation and vitality you never imagined.

We offer an extensively researched product line to support your well being needs. All our products are Organic, chemical free & all natural. Through nutrition, education and our unique & effective services and products, learn how Healing Ways can help you reclaim your internal terrain and bring your body back into pH Balance & Harmony.

Beauty from within is one of our main goals of this wellness spa. Energy and well being with unsuppressed body contouring, cellulite reversal, body and skin rejuvenation. Let our restorative therapies remind you what vital health can be, to connect with the self, and enjoy life to the fullest. Let us be your personal fountain of youth.

In addition to our Detoxification & cleansing services, we invite you to experience one of our newly created luxury treatments that include; Cellulite reduction Therapy, Liver Cleansing Therapy and Reflexology. In addition, we also provide the critical component for any successful weight loss or well being initiative.

Personal one-on-one, well being coaching. Our wellness & lifestyle coaching programs are specifically designed to support you in achieving your wellbeing goals and dreams! Get healthy! Phytonutrients and antioxidants help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!