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  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Sleep
  • Great Flexibility, less joint stiffness
  • Reduced fluid retention

Price for the treatment
30 Minutes $45.00

Detox Foot Spa

This relaxing and cleansing 45 –minute process assists in eliminating accumulated toxins from the body’s free flowing lymph system through the 2,000 eccrine sweat glands in each foot. The Aqua-Chi Detox Spa combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, which enhances and amplifies the body’s Ability to heal, dramatically increase energy levels and help detoxify your body with the Aqua Chi detox foot spa.

The negative ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the to the body. As a therapeutic spa, we find this to be an extremely useful addition to both orthodox and complementary therapies and we use it extensively in our clinic.

  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Increased Vitality
  • Pain & Stress relief
  • Detoxification and Neutralization of Toxins
  • Rapid recovery from illness and injury

Detox Foot Spa
A Path to Health through Your Feet

Through the subtle energies that swirl through our bodies, reflexology stimulated specific points on the hands, feet and ears to bring the entire body back into balance.

Our professional, highly skilled therapists are dedicated to guiding you to the appropriate treatment for your needs. Reflexology balances the health of the organs, glands and body system through energetically linked pressure points on the extremities.

Vitality and beauty are your birthright, for the body, for the mind let our massage therapies detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, relieve tension and improve circulation.

Purify and revitalize through this heavenly relaxing & enjoyable treatment.

Some benefits of the Healing Ways Detox Foot Spa